The Federal Government and Big Pharma are also to Blame for Vaccine-Reluctance

David Mokotoff, MD
3 min readAug 25, 2021

The “ do as I say and not as I do” policy no longer fools the public

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As the fourth Covid-19 (Delta variant) wave grips the country, the Federal government daily urges everyone to get vaccinated. How then do you explain that there is no policy mandating employees of the White House staff, the CDC, and the FDA to be vaccinated? In one word: hypocrisy. I am sorry, but you can’t complain about not enough citizens getting vaccinated when you won’t enforce it in your department. Joe Biden can issue an executive order like he has 55 times since January. Easy peasy.

And there is also Pfizer, Moderna, and JNJ, makers of the three authorized vaccines in the US. There is no company mandate for vaccines. And they produce them! How is that for a ringing non-endorsement? I am not an anti-vaccine person. I had my two shots earlier this year. However, I do believe in freedom of choice when it comes to your health. But if the White House and various Federal government agencies want to preach to us what we should be doing, how about they do it as well? Is that too much to ask?

At first, I thought these facts weren’t accurate. But even the left-leaning “truth-detector” site, Snopes, verified it. I am suspicious of the government and all of its diktats, but even this one caught me off guard. The inconsistencies of messaging about the pandemic and vaccines continue to grow. Mainstream media didn’t tell me about it. Facebook did!

You can’t expect to increase vaccine acceptance by pressuring the FDA to grant full approval alone. And clearly, the FDA did bow to pressure. Earlier this month, I heard and read that full license would be in early fall, the first week in September, and then it was granted on August 21. What changed? There was no new science about the vaccine’s effectiveness. If anything, as time from shot to infection grows, we see the vaccines are now less effective than predicted. I am not surprised nor critical of this new evidence and full approval. As a novel virus and new vaccine, this is expected. But if your message is to tout how great the vaccine is, then at least mandate your employees take it or show antibody evidence of a previous infection.

David Mokotoff, MD

David Mokotoff is a retired MD, passionate about health, science, medicine culture, and food,