His lack of understanding of what constitutes herd immunity is disturbing

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I have tried to retain an objective opinion of Dr. Fauci for the last thirteen months. Many people love or hate him. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when he erred. “The virus is not something we should worry about in the U.S.,” circa January 2020. Or masks are not helpful early on, then they were, and now maybe two masks are needed. However, his shifting and vague statements about herd immunity are very concerning. Last December, he argued that ninety percent of the…

After 42 years in private practice, it was time to let go

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I graduated from medical school in 1974. So I have had a license to practice medicine for 47 years. With my post-graduate training, I have held a continuous license in four states. Alas, you can’t stop time. I retired from active medical practice in 2015. This year I decided it was enough. The total cost of renewing was about $1,000. That included the fee to the state of Florida, continuing medical education courses (CME), and mandatory courses like Medical Errors, Domestic Violence, and Prescribing Controlled Substances. …

A year after the pandemic started, the data suggests Swedes fared much worse than their neighbors due to government policy

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Last April, I wrote about Sweden’s approach to the pandemic and how they were “rolling the dice”. The country’s “laissez-faire” attitude aimed to keep businesses and the economy open while protecting the elderly and vulnerable. Refusing lockdowns instituted by many of its EU neighbors was a gamble. Let’s see how that worked out.

According to the most recent statistics, Sweden’s Covid fatality rate (1.8%) is double the average of its Scandinavian neighbors (www.statista.com). Denmark, Finland, and Norway have an average…

The essence of the disagreement is a collision between the common good and individual rights and freedom

A supposedly safe and effective minor surgical procedure did not fix my problem for very long

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Like most men over 65, I have been dealing with symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland for a few years now. Two years ago, I tried medications, but they all had undesirable side effects. My urologist convinced me to undergo a UroLift procedure. My prostate gland itself was not overly big. But lobes of it were enlarging and preventing good urine flow down the urethra and out of my penis. These symptoms were difficulty starting a urinary stream, a long time to emptying my bladder, and dribbling of urine after peeing, to name just a few. In the urology world…

Researchers have found a genetic basis for this “love it or hate it”

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My wife and I love Cilantro. However, both my ex-wife and now step-daughter think it tastes like soap and won’t eat it. It turns out that these strong preferences are genetic. “… Cilantro contains many molecules that contribute to its scent and taste. Some of those molecules are things called aldehydes, and existing research has shown that a set of people perceive aldehydes as having a soapy taste or smell”. It turns out that aldehydes are also a crucial component of soap. Home DNA testing kits, like “23AndMe”, now test for the gene. But this is not the whole story…

Nothing good has ever come from a society that promotes rewriting its history and removing its structural icons

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“Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past,” from George Orwell’s novel 1984. This classic dystopian novel is even more relevant today. Published in 1948, the frighteningly prophetic world of a totalitarian regime has many parallels with current events. It was required reading for most of us when we were in high school, and I recently re-read it. It is still relevant.

Big Brother

“Big Brother” is the dictator of Oceania, a mythical country including the British Isles and America. He shares similarities with Joseph Stalin, the brutal Russian Communist dictator. It is not…

It’s not just racial minorities and conservatives who express vaccine reluctance

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I have a couple of fishing buddies. All of us are over 65. One is well educated and wealthy. The other never finished high school and makes ends meet by painting homes. The first one, as well as I, have been vaccinated. The latter guy has not and is afraid to get one. His excuse is, “I don’t do well with shots.” I snarked, “Do you think you will do well if you get Covid?” He remains unconvinced. I have told him I wouldn’t fish with him on my…

A recent spat between Australia and Facebook uncovers how far journalism has plummeted

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In 2010 my daughter flew home to Florida from Colorado, where she was in college. I asked her if she saw the oil spill when she flew over the Gulf of Mexico. When she answered, “What oil spill?” I was shocked that someone in college, or anywhere in the U.S., would not know about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that had been going on for months. Ironically, at the time she was considering a major in Journalism. …

David Mokotoff

David Mokotoff is a retired MD. Passionate about writing, reading, fishing, and food, https://tinyurl.com/y7bjoqkd

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